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Kabuto-Yakushi   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 29.10.2011 10:14
HOHOHOHO FINALLY! I finish this special for all of you guys
*with all my heart*

This time, Big&Little went out for some candies until 3 "guys"
appear from nowhere

Little to Big: YUMI! this lollipop is so tasty!
Big: I can say the same about this chocolate....
Monsters appear
Little: O___O Big has all the candies! I got nothing I swear!!!
Big: Little! get that lollipop out of my face!
Little: is NOT in your face is in my hand!
Big: get what's in your hand OUT OF MY FACE!!!
Frankenstein: HUG?
Big and Little: HUH?????
Dracula: no HUH!?.... HUG!! can't you see?
Big: So... you guys want to give us a hug?? why???
Serial Killer: DUH! because we love hugs specially me hehhehehhe hohohoh ha...
Little to Big: you give the hug to the killer, I'll take Frankenstein and Dracula
Big to Little: NO YOU give the hug to the killer!
Little to Big: Don't you see that I'll take two???!!...
Monsters : Is everything ok?
Big: No.... ok! we'll give you the hug with one condition
Dracula: what?
Big: can you please take off the costumes you look a bit scary, you know?
Frankenstein: awwww you think we are wearing costumes!
Little: O____O no costumes???
Serial Killer: hoohoho hheee hi... no.... no costumes...
Serial Killer to Big: that means I'll hug YOU!!!!
Little to Big: pssssst pssst hey Big! if you survive I'll share my candies with you!
Big to Little: T___T damn youuuu!
Little to Big: I love you too XDDDDD



As always, be free to comment in english, spanish or german
Halloween, Fantasietiere

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert


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Von:  Colby
2011-10-30T18:13:41+00:00 30.10.2011 19:13
die flauschis sind kawaiin xD <3
Von:  Danclaud
2011-10-30T12:13:57+00:00 30.10.2011 13:13
is das toll
Von:  Akito
2011-10-29T15:41:27+00:00 29.10.2011 17:41
Me gusta! =p
Von:  orangenbaum
2011-10-29T13:57:09+00:00 29.10.2011 15:57
so cute ♥ i like your little stories! and the picture is so sweet *w* great job!
Von:  Berrii
2011-10-29T13:24:03+00:00 29.10.2011 15:24
Es ist so goldig süß <3
Von:  Yakan
2011-10-29T11:28:25+00:00 29.10.2011 13:28
i like this pic <3
Its so fucking sweet <3
Happy Halloween =3
Von:  Akariii
2011-10-29T10:15:08+00:00 29.10.2011 12:15
haha ist das geil xD
aber das gefällt mir richtig gut ^^