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InklingLA   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 02.04.2011 11:25
First of all I'm sorry for the rather poor quality of the image. I'll replace it as soon as possible, for the picture doesn't really match the colours of the original piece, let alone it's sharpness and texture, but I simply lack of a scanner these days.
I'm working on that.

Secondly I'd like to apologize to every chinese person who sees this and considers the architecture off or wrong, I've actually never seen actual - real - chinese architecture apart from chinese restaurants here, which is probably not representative.
However, I thought this looks rather convincing so I put it that way.

Thirdly this is one of the very few pieve that I imagined in exactly the way it turned out in the end. And extremely rare case.

On a fourth note
the sketch and outlines were originally done digitally but dring the process of painting I started to be annoyed by the lack of overview that a computer screen offers for a huge piece of art, so I decided to print it in many many pieces, puzzle them together and trace everything onto bristol paper.
I kinda seem to develop my watercolour skills a little.

yea, well,
what more?

I'm sorry for writing everything in english.
You're free to comment in either english, german, finish, swedish, danish or japanese, I just chose english because it's what I do best these days.. it just flows nicely.

Enough of that.
I better shut up now.

I hope some people will like the piece tho <3
I'd be very thankful about comments, especially contrctive criticizm that I can actually use.

Edit: I finally exchanged the blurry version for a scanned, better quality one!

EDIT: Thanks a lot/Vielen Dank/Kiitoksia paljon!
I would have never expected this to become AL :)
I read all your lovely comments and eventhough I don't reply to each of them I'm really happy about them. Thanks again. <3
This artwork is copyrighted and protected and a property of Nuuskamuikkunen/dewberryink ( http://www.dewberryink.com) and may not be used, changed, copied or reproduced without written permission! If I catch you I'll staple you to a wall, head down.


Schmincke watercolours on 200g/m² bristol paper

ca. 36x48 cm

I ofcourse had a peek at various pictures of chinese architecture, but traditional houses seem hard to find.


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Von:  Smiles
2012-03-26T17:53:29+00:00 26.03.2012 19:53
Das Bild hier fasziniert mich... ^____^
Die Farben, die Gebäude... einfach alles sieht soooo schön aus!!!
Gefällt mir richtig gut ;DD

Von: abgemeldet
2011-05-05T15:25:11+00:00 05.05.2011 17:25
Woooah! I'm a bit confused... but i love it!!!
I would like to have a biiiig poster of this in my living room !!
Von: abgemeldet
2011-05-03T20:25:01+00:00 03.05.2011 22:25
Mich erinnert das voll an Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland.Ach und dein Bild ist voll schön.
Von:  DrFluff
2011-04-16T12:25:09+00:00 16.04.2011 14:25
Very nice! It looks a bit like a flying city (like in bioshock 2 )
I never would had thought, you can draw so detailed with watercolors <3
Von:  XxAkatsuki_KeksXx
2011-04-11T16:34:14+00:00 11.04.2011 18:34
さいこ です!! <3
Von: abgemeldet
2011-04-11T15:53:22+00:00 11.04.2011 17:53
Woow ._. Awesome
Von:  aka_sandman
2011-04-10T19:20:47+00:00 10.04.2011 21:20
Das Piccu sieht echt wunderschön aus. *.*
Von:  kyoko-333
2011-04-10T19:11:53+00:00 10.04.2011 21:11
hamma :D
soetwas kann ich mit wasserfarben nicht^^
Von:  PerlBlaueRabenfeder
2011-04-10T07:25:44+00:00 10.04.2011 09:25
Turtelelover nimmt mir die Worte aus dem Mund.
All right.
Von: abgemeldet
2011-04-10T06:28:24+00:00 10.04.2011 08:28
The lights really seem to glow.
Congratulation! It's great! I'm really impressed!^^