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anikakinka   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 13.07.2010 14:55
Still practicing game art, this time on my OCs. So, my fire goddess now in pseudo-game edition.

Hope you'll like it!

Fantasie, weiblicher Charakter, Elemente

Bleistift, Computer koloriert


Photoshop CS3


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Von: abgemeldet
2010-11-15T20:40:52+00:00 15.11.2010 21:40
i love the fire, and her jacket! ;)
Beautful picture
Von:  Lovely_Pain
2010-08-28T17:20:49+00:00 28.08.2010 19:20
That looks sooooooo nice!!
The fire is really good animated!!! ;)
Von:  Rettungsratte
2010-07-16T09:03:22+00:00 16.07.2010 11:03
ui amazing *_*
i really like the fire^^
Von: abgemeldet
2010-07-14T17:41:58+00:00 14.07.2010 19:41
i like the fire *__*
its amazing :D
Von:  Shi-chan-
2010-07-14T12:12:20+00:00 14.07.2010 14:12
woah! it's definitely awesome! it's my next cosplay. XD
Von:  Oogie-Boogie
2010-07-14T10:42:01+00:00 14.07.2010 12:42
Holy Rammbock!
This is...
Yes, it is the Klischee of the half-naked fantasy Sorceres/Warrior but the execution is fantastic good.
Colors, Face, Body, Anatomie, Pose, Hair, Details, Clothes, Atmosphere.
Simply great.^^

I give this picture the highest score and take it to my favorites.
And i nominated it for Aiko's Favorites.
You have plenty Talent anikakinka.

signs. Oogie-Boogie
Von:  Nurua
2010-07-13T21:00:14+00:00 13.07.2010 23:00
That´s a very beautiful picture!!
The fire is really good and your coloration is absolutly great.
I give the note 1 and will take this in my favourites!!
Good work!^___^
Von:  Wunschkind
2010-07-13T19:05:32+00:00 13.07.2010 21:05
Oh my goodness~~
The fire is totally awesome! And the rest is super cool as well. ;)
Von:  Carreauline
2010-07-13T17:26:20+00:00 13.07.2010 19:26
Awesome! Really try on for becoming a game designer! Looks fantastic!
Von:  Mello13
2010-07-13T16:08:51+00:00 13.07.2010 18:08
Amazing! She`s really hot and I think her proportions look perfect! ^^ For me it´s very easy to imagine her in a computer game as a very popular character. If she wouldn`t look that perfect, I thought she really looks real. ^^
The details amaze me as well. I love her gaze, it looks so mysterious and intelligent. Just like a fire goddess should be, I think. I can´t imagine you could draw those details just with a pencil and your computer. And I wonder how much time it took...?

I wish I could touch her hear just once, to test if it feels so soft and supple like it looks. o.o
The aspect about your picture impressing me the most are the shadows. It´s because I find it very veeery difficult to draw natural looking shadows. But in my opinion you´ve done it well! ^o^
In comparision to the character I think the flames look a little bit unreal. In my imagination fire normally is not that bright and sharper. In your picture I looks like it`s more exploding than burning. But well...you surely might have wanted it like that. ^^° Or a special woman needs also special fire...oh, you see my critics come to nothing... ^^°° But, well, I´ve tried.

So it just remains to say, that there´s to much about your picture and your style I like to mention everything of it.
Finally: Your coloration is more than very well done and I´d love to have her jacket. xD
Best wishes