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Animaker131   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 12.01.2010 11:15
This was purely a doodle I didn't think to much of and tint shaded for kicks, and now it's already one of the most popular pics in my gallery on Deviant art. lol Who knew? XD I'm quite happy with how it turned out though. I should play with pointless doodles more often. CX Enjoy! Themen:
Inu Yasha

Computer koloriert

Time Taken:
2 hours

Program used:


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Von:  ShinaiShadow
2010-07-14T12:27:29+00:00 14.07.2010 14:27
No more words<33 i love it so <3333 hes so dammit sexy <33
Von: abgemeldet
2010-06-24T09:18:32+00:00 24.06.2010 11:18
Wow, that is so real.... He looks like to came out of the picture.
Von:  _Moonyasha_
2010-02-26T20:05:40+00:00 26.02.2010 21:05
omg! hot! *_* very sexy! his eye is perfect! and his ears are cuddly! ^.^ love it!
Von:  Kagome0302
2010-01-23T15:54:04+00:00 23.01.2010 16:54
That pic is amazing^^
Inuyashas look is very, very great.
I can´t say anything... Its... wow!!!!

Note one and I´ll take it to my favorites^^

Greetings Sandra

PS: is that posible that I can take your pics for my next Musicvideo?
Von:  Kerstin-san
2010-01-13T17:51:05+00:00 13.01.2010 18:51
Wow! Amazing picture. =)
I love his hair! xDD
Von:  San-chi
2010-01-13T11:59:15+00:00 13.01.2010 12:59
Woa *__* sexy <3
Von:  xXKieuXx
2010-01-12T17:49:13+00:00 12.01.2010 18:49
oh I love that!!!

He looks really great and somehow sexy XD

I'm faving that <3
Von:  Delia
2010-01-12T16:04:51+00:00 12.01.2010 17:04
Wow this is so cool so hot and sexy
Von:  Daikotsu
2010-01-12T14:58:31+00:00 12.01.2010 15:58
Your biggest fan responds. First of all: Unbelievable. The picture looks so good. In addition, it does not look as if it had been colored by the GIMP. It looks more like a pencil drawing. But it will certainly seem so. I love Inuyasha and am always glad, if you do draw next. But shhh, I love Sesshoumaru much much more. So even more of it! ^.~
Von:  lichtenfeld
2010-01-12T12:28:51+00:00 12.01.2010 13:28
Wow Inuyasha look so sexy... hrrrrrr. you are very good! and the Coloration is very greate!! i like this picture!