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Konohana   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 17.10.2009 19:40
Deviant ID for this autumn. It's freaking cold, rainy and windy out there, everybody cought cold or H1N1.
And it's already snowed in Debrecen. In October.
Tiere (real), Chibi, Jahreszeiten

Computer Grafik



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Von:  Happy_Ness
2009-11-03T05:55:09+00:00 03.11.2009 06:55
That's so frickin' cute! And exactly how I feel when I have to leave the house these days! XD
Love the little details like the skull on her belt or the little flower on the hat!

*1 and favorite*
Von:  iah-esel
2009-10-27T18:10:07+00:00 27.10.2009 19:10
if her hairs were a little bit longer,
she would looks like me xD

i love chucks =) *hihi*


Von:  Lexxy
2009-10-18T17:52:20+00:00 18.10.2009 19:52
That's so damn cute <3
Sweeter than sugar can be~
Von:  Kume
2009-10-18T08:18:41+00:00 18.10.2009 10:18
I love it when it's cold xD
I want snoooow *__*!
Von:  Day_Dreamer
2009-10-17T18:39:49+00:00 17.10.2009 20:39
oh yeah X_x
felt like this the whole day! Oo
waaah X_x

great pic <3~
Von:  Yommy
2009-10-17T17:59:01+00:00 17.10.2009 19:59

I´m catching a cold while looking at your ID
*give u a tissue*

Snow in October somehow weird weather ...