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Noah_Shiro   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 29.06.2009 08:20
I REALLY did it!! XDD

This, ladies and gentleman, is Zacky Vengeance from the OC-CA Metalrockband Avenged Sevenfold as a zombiekiller!! *ggg*
It was soooo cool to draw this picture! I love it from the very beginning ^___^
Especially 'cause there's a funny story behind it:

Grave and me talked about A7X (Avenged Sevenfold) again and about our love for horror- and zombiemovies. We both know that Zacky, the rythm guitarist, loves this movies too. And than our minds goes wild XD
We talked about how could it would be, when Zacky would be a real zombie hunter and how he would kill them all with the coolness of Carlos or someone like him. And that Synyster(the lead guitartist) would feign death like Italy from Hetalia and so on *giggle*
After this hilarous talk I couldn't stand it and had have to paint this art ^^°°°
My hands practically moved by themselves again XD

I'm soooooo loking forward to Graves zombie-fanfic with A7X! I know I'll love it!! X33333333333
You've to read it too!! Really!

Verwendete Referenz:
Uniform of Carlos Oliviera form Resident Evil and his general jumping around ^^

Resident Evil, Crossover, Avenged Sevenfold

Bleistift, Computer koloriert

Zachary James Baker / Zacky Vengeance


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Von: abgemeldet
2010-03-23T15:12:56+00:00 23.03.2010 16:12
Haha yay! Go Zacky xDD
Love it! :D
Von:  H-Chan
2009-08-10T13:58:35+00:00 10.08.2009 15:58
Beeindruckendes Bild! o,o
Hab da nichts dran zu meckern, alles sieht einfach perfekt aus ^^
Mir gefallen die Farben und Schattierungen. Besonders der linke Teil des HG's fällt einem wegen den Details (und der warmen Farbe) direkt ins Auge ö,ö
Dieser 'Übergang' der Pistole und der roten Fläche gefällt mir genauso gut ><
Einfach toll! ^__^

lg H-Chan
Von:  Nezumi
2009-06-30T10:41:45+00:00 30.06.2009 12:41
One word: Awesome!!!
I fell in love with this picture right at first sight *___*
Von:  Evangeline_Alexis
2009-06-29T09:28:55+00:00 29.06.2009 11:28
*bishi luvs*
pretty cool! ^______________^
Von:  Bateman
2009-06-29T09:25:40+00:00 29.06.2009 11:25
I love it!!! *___*
The coloration is awesome and the dude looks so cool!!
More zombiekiller pics please!! X333
Von:  Grave
2009-06-29T07:10:17+00:00 29.06.2009 09:10
*has to change the music from Beyonce to Korn right fucking now* |D~ Better.

It's just...how can I possibly NOT love this picture because it gave Zacky in my Zombieverse so much fucking substance! *_*
Oh and how good it feels to be the inspiration for this picture together with Mr. V himself XDD Zombie Movies for the WIN!

Okay...no some more criticism with substance XD

I loved the outlines, I already told you that ^^ I liked them because they looked really smooth and with a lot of life in them. There's really nothing I can criticise. I like his expression and his hair and the clothes and the guns (lol...I always have to think about muscles when I hear guns. I'm pretty sure Zacky got some pretty nice guns because of all the Zombie killing XD)
And here we go! The gun! *_* Vengeance is written on it and if this isn't just MEGA BADASS I don't know what is >///<

The colors. Me likey, too! x33 I like the texture you layed over it, makes it more edgy or whatever I should call that Oô
He still IS too tan for Zacky but I have thought about it cause...running around, day in day out in the brutal sun...I think even Mr. V can't stay his beautiful pale self anymore XD

And oh...don't advertise my Zombieverse X___X But I work hard on it (Though...I have again THREE Versions of the same story ;_;)

Von:  Alekto
2009-06-29T06:23:41+00:00 29.06.2009 08:23