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anikakinka   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 20.01.2009 20:59
birthday gift for Lancha

Jade from her Expensive Smile comic.

story behind the picture:
Once upon a time there was a very handsome young man. His manners were flawless, his smile was the warmest smile you could ever see and his kindness would make you amazed that people like him exist. But there was one dark thing about him. He was an attention whore. So, when he met a perfect boy, who was a girl, or rather a boy or... well that's complicated and whole different story. What we need to know is that our beautiful hero desperately wanted his attention. He decided to get to know him better. And that was when a terrible thing happened. He saw his friend... being extremely popular when he didn't even care about it. Actually he didn't even know he was so popular! Well, why he should know? What was so special about him? Someone as boring and absolutely more shallow, childish, less interesting and handsome than him could absolutely not expect being popular! But then... it worked. He was loved. And he was that perfect boy/girl's friend. Our hero had to try it.

(this is understandable only if you know the comic and Lucien's popularity)
Doujinshi, männlicher Charakter

Computer Grafik

Photoshop CS3


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Von:  Lancha
2009-01-20T22:05:33+00:00 20.01.2009 23:05
Love, love love it ;o;
AHHH! haha~ it is decorating my wall right now XD

Thank you so much again, ne? ;o;
It made me extremely happy that day! (since it is so awesome and ;o; AHHH!! One has gotta love emo jade XD)
Von: abgemeldet
2009-01-20T20:52:25+00:00 20.01.2009 21:52
wow! *___* great Oo
Von:  Zippi44
2009-01-20T20:44:07+00:00 20.01.2009 21:44
whoa...LIKE IT!!o_O!
his hair and his face/smile( or does he look a little dizzy??o,O??
dunno!^^;ah..no! you said gentle!right?..ok..his gentle smile!!love it!!X3333
the color's are amazing!~~the scarf rules~~~XDD
nice one! may I have him??*puppydogeyes*<333
Von:  NinCat
2009-01-20T20:02:53+00:00 20.01.2009 21:02
thats a realy good picture ^^(sry my english is realy bad )