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Abunai!' 06 -Mr. robotto-

Reihe Abunai!
Datum -
Universiteit Twente, Vrijhof (building 47)
Kategorie Event außerhalb von D/A/CH/LU
Größenordnung 500-2000 Besucher
Homepage http://http://www.abunaicon.nl/
Beschreibung Abunai! is one of the yearly held conventions in the Netherlands. This years theme is Mr. robotto, so expect alot of mecha anime to watch^^
Ofcourse, this wont be the only anime genre they will be showing in the video rooms, so enough to watch for everyone. Besides the videorooms, they also got several other things to do. You can always enjoy yourself in the gamesroom, play some DDR or any other of the various games. Or maybe you like to spend you money in the dealerroom, where they will offer you lots of anime/japan related goods.
This convention also has several events, like workshops, cosplay competition and AMV competition. Just take a look on the website if you want to know anything else^^ which is in english by the way..
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