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Tokonatsu 2014

Datum -
Boyd Campsite and Activity Centre
Church Road
SG16 6AN
SG16 Henlow, Bedfordshire
Kategorie Event außerhalb von D/A/CH/LU
Größenordnung 100-250 Besucher
Homepage http://www.tokonatsu.org.uk/
Offizieller Veranstalter Tokonatsu Committee
Beschreibung Tokonatsu is a unique type of event: rather than an indoor convention, it is a camp site where participants stay in tents (renting a tent is possible, bringing one's own is typical), and the events happen outdoors or in big tents (marquees).
It lasts from Friday to Sunday, with the option to stay at the camp site until Monday morning.

Last year, the event moved from its previous site to a new site, which is used again this year.

Genauer Treffpunkt:
see map

40 GBP including meals. Registration is required via the website. Currently, a waiting list is maintained which will advance in case current members cancel or fail to pay.

Ungefährer Ablauf:
The event schedule will become clearer closer to the time of the event, but typically includes anime showings, speed drawing puzzle, quiz, evening campfire round, cosplay presentation (masquerade), chasing people around the campsite (within several games), watergun fights, and more fun stuff.
There will be a games tent, Bring and Buy, Dealer's tent.
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