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ACE - “Absolute Conquest of Europe” Tour - Vienna, Reigen

Reigen Club www.reigen.at
Hadikgasse 62
1140 Wien
Kategorie J-Music-Konzert
Größenordnung 100-250 Besucher
Homepage http://www.reigen.at
Kontakt [uteki-chan]
Offizieller Veranstalter Kanzen Music www.kanzenmusic.com
Beschreibung A エース “Absolute Conquest of Europe” Tour - Vienna

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Tickets : 20 Euro VVK / 25 Euro Abendkasse

--> Es gibt auch wieder EARYBIRD-tickets via kanzenmusic.com.
Damit habt ihr eine halbe Stunde früher Einlass, ein kurzes Meet&Greet mit der Band und die Chance Fotos zu machen :)
Tickets gibts auf:  www.oeticket.at , ReigenClub www.reigen.at and www.kanzenmusic.com .

18:00 Einlass / 19:00 Konzertbeginn



Vo- Nimo http://ameblo.jp/a-nimo
Violinist- Rookie Fiddler http://ameblo.jp/rookiefiddler/
Ba- Toshi http://ameblo.jp/a-bass-toshi/

Gt- Kentaro
Dr- Shunji



Mehr Konzertdaten:

"Absolute Conquest of Europe" Tour 2012

6 July- Cologne/Germany @ Werkstatt
7 July- Hamburg/Germany @ Headcrash

8 July- Utrecht/Netherlands @ Tivoli
11 July- Warsaw/Poland @ Pregresja
12 July- Wien/Austria @ Reigen
13 July- Budapest/Hungary @ TBA
14 July- Sankt Petersburg/Russia @ Arctica
15 July- Moscow/Russia @ TBA
18 July- Ljubljana/Slovenia @ Gala Hala
21 July- Prague/Czech Republic @ Matrix - 2 bands: ACE & Anli Pollicino
22 July- Munich/Germany @ Feierwerk- 2 bands: ACE & Anli Pollicino
24 July- Bucharest/Romania @ TBA - 2 bands: ACE & Anli Pollicino
25 July- Sofia/Bulgaria @ The Box Club
27 July- Linkoping/Sweden @ Narcon Festival
28 July- Paris/France @ Club La Java
29 July- Roubaix/France @ Bar Live 301

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15 Mitglieder haben sich eingetragen
(für diesen Event-Eintrag)
Da einfach von der offiziellen Seite kopiert ist er auf Englisch:

A (エース), which is pronounced as ACE, is a Japanese hard rock band formed in 2010 that started its activities on April 18th 2010 at the Roppongi Laforet Museum and has ever since impressed its audience with their "strongly aggressive, resonantly beautiful and outstandingly sophisticated ROCK as well as the pirate look.
A consists of lead vocalist Nimo, violinist Rookie Fiddler, bassist Toshi and support members: Shunji on drums and Kentaro on guitar.
The band`s musical style has generally been characterized as “hard rock”, “metal” and “pop rock.”
In 2010, the band has released six concept singles limited to a concert venue, one single “ Yoake-no-anthem/ NUDE” and one album “BLACK ALBUM” which has six limited concept singles.
In 2011, band altered their sound dramatically in their next release.
Five concept singles have been released limited to a concert venue in the same way. The singles are blended influences from a lot of ethnic music, as if they traveled all over the world. The countries are “UK”, “Japan”, “India”, “Spain”, and “the US”.
Their journey continues and never ends!
In July A (エース) will leave Japan for one month in their quest to conquer Europe.
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