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Abunai! 2011: Looking For Group!

Reihe Abunai!
Datum -
NH Koningshof
5504 Veldhoven
Kategorie Event außerhalb von D/A/CH/LU
Größenordnung 2000-5000 Besucher
Homepage http://www.abunaicon.nl/
Kontakt http://www.abunaicon.nl/contactus.php
Beschreibung EDIT 29.3.
* Euro Cosplay Championships preliminaries
* Ticketpreise nur nach Registrierung sichtbar *fail*

What is Abunai!?

Abunai! is an annual convention celebrating Japanese culture, style, manga and anime. We offer a wide variety of events, a diverse video program and interesting competitions. Each year, we try to integrate a theme in our conventions, to give it that special something extra. If you want to know where it is held this year, check the location page. You'll also find accommodations there and a lay-out of the convention site. If you want to know what we're up to this year, check the events page. Here you can find all events that have been planned for this convention. For participation in one or more of our competitions, check the competition page. Here you will also find FAQ, rules and all content of our competitions. If you are a dealer or a company that wishes to support our growing convention or obtain a spot in our dealer room, you might want to take a look at the Corporate info page for possibilities and prices.

2011's theme, "Looking for group", is all about Japanese RPGs and carrying out quests for treasure, experience and glory! We've gathered the suggestions you made on forums and through other media, as well as some our own ideas, and plan to put these to good use, for even though Abunai!con 2010 is over, the power is still yours! 2011 promises to be a sparkling (though not of the vampire kind ;-) ) new year, and we're already busy hatching some plots in our quest to bring to you a convention to remember.

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