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Family AU

  • Ganon (or Ganondorf, if you want to be formal)
    Age::7 years old
    Current tasks::lovingly perstering Navati & learning to be a fine king to his late parents & his people

    Ganon loves Navati very much, which is often in form of small pranks here & there. He knows he can get away with pretty much anything because of his royal bloodline & most importantly his cute face with big puppy dog eyes.
    The only one, who can not get smitten by his adorable appearance, is Navati. Therefore she is often the one to reign him in when he is too much to handle.
    Nevertheless, he loves the people around him, the Gerudo & a lot of sweet treats & strives to be a just as well as proud warrior king.
  • Navati
    Age::16 years old
    Current task::be a big sister to Ganon & studying to be a shrine maiden to Din's temple

    She's protective towards Ganon & sees him as a little brother, even though he bothers her with his pranks constantly. Navati knows how to fight like most of the Gerudo do in addition to using fire-based magic, but she rarely makes use of these abilities because of her pacifist nature.
    Instead she's more inclined to dance session in the midst of festivals & small parties. The Gerudo girl adores music & if the mood strikes her dances to her heart's content, but only in her free time. The studies & Ganon do cut into her hobby most often than not.