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Paper Cranes: A Promise

Zeichner: Birnenbrinchen   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 08.08.2016
Neueste Seite: 01.04.2017
Stichwörter: Alltag, Drama
Kategorie: Kurzgeschichte
Leserichtung: Japanisch
Kapitel: 1
Seiten: 89
Dōjinshi: Paper Cranes: A Promise
Preis: 6,00 €
- DinA5
- 88 Seiten, davon 69 Seiten Story
- Softcover-Klebebindung
- 120g Offset-Papier, schwarz/weiß

Nana and Chiaki enter each other's life at a most crucial time for both of them.

Yasushi Nana, a 9 year-old girl, awakes from a long dream. In fact, she's been in a car accident and was comatose for the last 1 1/2 years. What happened in that time? How did her family cope?
While struggling to work out what's been going on, she meets her roommate Tanaka Chiaki, who turns out to be a friend for life.

Thank you for being interested in my 3rd doujinshi - Paper Cranes: A Promise.
Centering around Nana, her older brother Yuen and her friend Chiaki, Paper Cranes is a story about friendship, the bond of family, strength and how to love yourself. This is the first chapter - A Promise - The beginning of everything.

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