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Class SP

Zeichner: Animeloverr   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 09.02.2014
Neueste Seite: 10.02.2014
Nicht abgeschlossen
Stichwörter: Fantasy, Humor, Romantik
Kategorie: Epos
Leserichtung: Japanisch
Kapitel: 2
Seiten: 16
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    Neueste Seite: 10.02.2014
    Status: Abgeschlossen
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    Neueste Seite: 10.02.2014
    Status: Nicht abgeschlossen

16 year old Samantha Reyes just transferred to another school. Her parents died mysteriously, but the only person who took care of her was a flower?!? Samantha is part of a group called Class SP which stands for "Class Supernatural Powers" She doesn't know what power she holds but 7 members from the group are willing to help her.

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