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Black Lollipop Extra

Zeichner: Miss-Dutch   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 18.07.2013
Neueste Seite: 19.09.2013
Nicht abgeschlossen
Stichwörter: Humor, Drama
Kategorie: Epos
Leserichtung: Westlich
Kapitel: 4
Seiten: 45

(My German writing skills (half-)suck at the moment, so English here.)
Lilie's biggest dream is to sing, but she has a terrible case of stagefright.
Until one day she dares to sing on a stage in a café. Little did Lilie know that a band manager was present in the audience and suddenly wants her in the band he manages.

Semi-advertising my upcoming webcomic, including my ancient old pilot from 2010. The story has been heavily changed since the first version since then.
The new official version will start August 30 and I am planning to do it in Dutch, English and German (though I still have a lot to learn about the German language ;p )

I've also made shorts, in 2012, which I'll upload here too. In German (if I succeed into translating them).
With big thanks to Pinguin_Mit_Brille and Heymlich for acting as my teachers. Visit them and give them some love <3
Any other help is most welcome.

For more info, you can visit the Black Lollipop tumbler.
Ich hoffe es gefallt euch ^^

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