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Death Throes of Passion

Zeichner: yeyavailability   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 04.09.2011
Neueste Seite: 12.02.2012
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Stichwörter: Humor, Hentai, Action
Kategorie: Kurzgeschichte
Leserichtung: Westlich
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DMC1 rendition of Dante tapping everything that moves. English version here.

I'm trying to learn German (in an excruciatingly slow pace) so I thought translating this would be a good step. Porn makes everyone learn better. Since it's taking so long for me to grasp anything, some sentences were done with an online translator lol oopes. So if I wrote anything wrong, please correct me.

Thank you so much to the following people for correcting the pages!
Page 1-3: Haruka-nee-chan, J-chan, knobes
Page 4: japanfreak91, Sakux3, J-chan, knobes
Page 5: japanfreak91, Sakux3, J-chan
Page 6: SaSeme
Page 9: knobes


Ich versuche Deutsch zu lernen, aber ich tue es sehr langsam. So wenn ich keine Fehler zu machen, korrigieren Sie mich bitte.

Eine englische Version ist hier.


Page 7: Dante was supposed to say "Oh, don't be so melodramatic" but I cut out the 'oh' because I didn't know which interjection to use (I am horrible at distinguishing 'ach/oh/o/ah/' >_>). It's supposed to be in an "Oh, you silly thing" kind of way.
Mundus was supposed to say "...What am I looking at here", which is kind of a statement equivalent to 'wtf' so there's no question mark. I'm not sure how to really express it though.

Page 9: "Sorry for the wait" was supposed to be "Thanks for waiting", but I googled what I thought it would be ("Danke für warten") and it seemed to be only applicable for plural. I was wondering if it would be something more like "Danke für wartest" but obviously that sounds really awkward xD
Also wondering about the placement of 'time' nouns/adverbs/whatever they are--is there a stylistic difference between "Jetzt wir können Pizza essen" vs "Wir können jetzt Pizza essen" vs "Wir können Pizza jetzt essen" or is one/a few of them just grammatically wrong? With "Wir können jetzt auf den Tod kämpfen" (also wondering if there was supposed to be a 'zu' in there >_>) I wanted to say "We can fight to the death now", but since verb placement is different I have no idea how to word it so that the 'now' goes in--theoretically--the last place.
I tried to google this too but I'm unsure: "You've lost it" in English would mean both "you have lost something" (in this case, his erection) and "You have gone crazy". Does this work in German?

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