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In Black and White Arc One

Zeichner: Wasserbienchen   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 19.08.2011
Neueste Seite: 19.02.2012
Thema: Pokémon
Stichwörter: Drama, Action
Kategorie: Epos
Leserichtung: Westlich
Kapitel: 59
Seiten: 446
0: Cover 1: New Beginnings 2: Meetings 3: A good Trainer
4: Sympathy 5: The Real Thing 6: Virtues 7: Trust
Bonus 1: Peaceful 8: The Good Guys Bonus 2: Better 9: Change
10: Promises 11: Mistakes 12: Folly Bonus 3: Suchi
13: Remember 14: Chitchat 15: Conviction 16: Lenora
17: Knowledge Bonus 4: Nighttime 18: Glory Bonus 5: Guide to Pokémon Training
19: Cold 20: Despair 21: Alliance 22: Subjectivity
Bonus 6: Teambuilding 23: (Not) Love 24: Detour 25: Company
26: The Other Side 27: A Break 28: Compromising 29: Injustice
30: Silph Store Bonus 7: Meya 31: The Mission 32: Crime
33: Plans and Policies 34: Safety Bonus 8: Dreams 35: The Trial
36: Winning Bonus 9: Grimsley 1: Present 37: Communication 38: Return
39: Strength 40: Stand Back up 41: The Unheard Bonus 10: Envy
42: Monster 43: Reflection 44: Hope 45: Foresight
Q&A (OPEN!) Bonus 11: Grimsley 2: Past Q&A + Schlusswort

This story takes place in a setting that is completely different from the innocent world of Pokémon we usually get to see. Pokémon are not friends, they're not recognised as living beings - no, they are tools. Tools for humanity to achieve goals, battled to death. In this environment, Team Plasma flourishes as a group… but who is to judge evil or good? Is the world really all that black and white?




This was originally uploaded on Deviantart, in a comic strip format, which is why the pages do not look made for this kind of upload. I apologise for that.

The comic itself is a Nuzlocke Challenge. What is a Nuzlocke Challenge?

Bulbapedia says:

"The Nuzlocke Challenge is a set of rules intended to create a higher level of difficulty while playing the Pokémon games. Many challengers feel that the rules also serve the purpose of encouraging the use of Pokémon the player would not normally choose, and promoting closer bonds with the player's Pokémon. The rules are not an in-game function, but are self-imposed on the part of the player, and thus subject to variation. "

My Ruleset is the following:

1. You can only catch the first Pokémon in each area.
--> Duplicate clause: You can't catch Duplicates, ever. The Pokédex entry counts. (Say you caught a Pidgey, but it died before you could evolve it. You meet a Pidgeotto, you don't have a Pokédex entry and you can catch it. But if you did evolve it and it died then, you can't catch the Pidgeotto.) In a case you encounter a duplicate, you may search for alternatives, but only five encounters long.
--> Legendary clause: You may catch Legendaries if required, but can't if it's not. You can't use them in battles, period.
--> Miss clause: If you don't catch a Pokémon you could catch, you're out of luck.
--> Shiny clause: If a shiny is not your first encounter, you're out of luck.
--> Trade clause: You may trade a Pokémon in-game, but it must be a first encounter. You may not trade outside the game and can never evolve Pokémon who require trade for evolution.
2. If a Pokémon faints, it cannot be used in battle ever again.
---> In the Comic, Pokémon who fainted while in a to-death challenge are dead. Even those who are not in a to-death challenge are to be gotten rid of in any way.
--> If all your Pokémon faint, you are allowed to take any number of boxed Pokémon and continue your journey.
3. Battle style is "set".
4. You may only buy 10 Items per town or other area where you can obtain items.
5. Because the Plot is more relevant than the game, 3 Pokémon may be "revived", i.e. even though they fainted, you may pretend it didn't happen. Use those wisely because you will not get more than 3.
6. For reasons of self-control, you must state in the comments of each part what happened in-game, especially concerning rule 5.


PLEASE NOTE that while the comic IS based on a Nuzlocke Challenge (Thus I do follow the happening of the game at some level), it SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD AS A STROY IN ITSELF, not as a simple Nuzlocke. While I do think it's humorous on some parts, it's a very serious, fleshed out story.
Do not expect everything to go as it does in-game. It won't.

That being said… I hope you enjoy this Nuzlocke as much as I do drawing it. I'll try and update this periodically, but it needs to be said that my primary audience is on DEVIANTART. If you have an account, please check out
the comics how they were originally presented.



I do regular livestreams of my pages, of so-called "livestream bundles" where you can request stuff and we just chill and have fun, and of Bonus Comics and whatever else there is. I update on that for DA, but I can't do that on Animexx.
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