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Pixie Dust

Zeichner: MissBelfry   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 13.07.2011
Neueste Seite: 22.07.2011
Stichwörter: Fantasy, Alltag
Kategorie: Epos
Leserichtung: Westlich
Kapitel: 1
Seiten: 8

"She had always believed in dreams, wishes, and pixie dust. Her life was void of it, to her disappointment."

'Pixie Dust' is a collaboration of Jordyn Miller and me. She comes from America and doesn't have an Animexx-account but asked me, if I would transform her story into a comic.
I fell in love with her writing style and thought my drawings would go with it quite well, so I decided to give it a shot. Also I haven't been drawing a single page for more than a year unfortunately. I know there're a couple of doujinshis waiting for a continuation since ages but I just don't feel able to continue them atm...
I see 'Pixie Dust' as a chance to get into drawing manga/comics again and to try loads of different techniques. So don't be surprised, my style might change inbetween the pages and I'll also experience with some colours, so no black and white pages.:P
Right now I don't know where this story will lead to but I guess the jorney should be interesting.

Get ready to get lost in the imagination of a twelve-year-old girl, a hazardous and indistinct passage between dreams, nightmares and reality.


For some W.I.P.'s, sketches and more recent updates you can follow my


Bei großem Bedarf kann ich auch noch eine deutsche Version hochladen, ich würde die Geschichte allerdings ungern übersetzen, da es die Wirkung zerstört...:/ (wie alle Übersetzungen...)
Und das verwendete Englisch ist auch nicht zuu schwer zu verstehen, denk ich!;)

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