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Dragon Life - english version for DA

Zeichner: chibimieze   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 24.06.2010
Neueste Seite: 18.08.2010
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Thema: Drachen
Stichwort: Fantasy
Kategorie: Epos
Leserichtung: Japanisch
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Here is the english version from "Dragon Life".

I dedicate this English version of the Dragon adopters. The dark dragon is, thanks to the permission of thaz and Dacara, also have his performance in this manga. This a big thank you, and who have not heard of Dragon adopters Family comes to www.dragonadopters.com.


On the world Atros ruled for many centuries calm and peace. There only dragons live under the rule of one man. A kindly wise dragon who always wants the best for his dragon, and so he opened a criminal and a murderer or not killed them but they only banished. You should never have a real home and find accommodation in no colony, seemed to be that the worst punishment for the ruler. But it was many years and now called the damned got bigger and bigger, just as their hatred. All have unique characteristics condemned what they recognize. Everyone needs and has a large visible scar and out of their eyes is all the goodness and love shine disappeared.
A great battle ensued and the criminals overrunning the ruler and brought him down. For more than a few years, the country is suffering under the cruel mouth of the first damned, who was elected leader.
A wise old Dragoness had predicted the collapse of the world, but it gave her no heed and now after all this time she set a new prophecy in the world. It should awaken a rescuer. Unlike the first ruler took the damned this very seriously and equipped for the Dragoness a previously viewed them from visiting ......

Read and see for yourself!

Little more info:

Standard colors only from the dragon dress scales (excluded: eye color, breast plate color and tail color)

- Blue
- Green
- Brown
- Grey

Special Colors:

- Yellow, orange
- Red, Purple
- Black
- White

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