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Zeichner: Animaker131   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 15.01.2010
Neueste Seite: 15.01.2010
Thema: Inu Yasha
Stichwort: Romantik
Kategorie: Kurzgeschichte
Leserichtung: Westlich
Kapitel: 1
Seiten: 5
  • Seiten: 5
    Neueste Seite: 15.01.2010
    Status: Abgeschlossen

This is a little short I came up with a while back when I was out working and freezing my butt off. CX It's funny how the inspiration hits you huh? XD This was originally all there was to the story, but I've had so many requests and questions on Deviant Art wondering when or if there was more, that I'm thinking of adding a couple more pages if I get time. We'll have to see. Anywho, hope you like it! ^v^

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