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Strange boyZ

Zeichner: KurokawaAyumi   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 25.05.2008
Neueste Seite: 27.05.2008
Thema: Inu Yasha
Stichwörter: Shōnen-Ai, Humor, Romantik
Leserichtung: Japanisch
Kapitel: 2
Seiten: 38

This is my first mini-doujinshi. I ONLY tired to draw something, that's why it is tooo bad. (but in the end it will be good, and cute) I drew it 10 days
If you don't like watching, when the boys are kissing, Don't watch this
I made the english version of this doujinshi. maybe I don't have a good english, but I hope you understand me ^^

Jakotsu tell Bankotsu the bad news. Renkotsu, suikotsu and Ginkotsu has been caught. Jakotsu and Bankotsu goes to save us, but.. they are too close to eachother. Kyoukotsu saved Renkotsu, Suikotsu and Ginkotsu. When They arego home, Banktosu is there. Renkotsu hear, what Bankotsu said about Jakotsu and death. Jakotsu appears, Renkotsu is afraid of him, because he thinks Jakotsu is a ghost. Bankotsu will be so happy, when he see Jakotsu. They are in their room all the night with eachother. In the morning, Bankotsu feels sick, he said he drinks too much but what is the real reason?

in hungarian version:
- Folyatkoz -> fogyatkoz (page 18)
in english version:
- I stared -> I started (page 10)
- Hause -> house (page 17)

Rondán írok, tudom, de ez igazából az egész kissé összekapart, főleg az eleje az egésznek.. a végére lett valamilyen stílusa xD 10 nap alatt belejöttem.. igazából próbának indult xD

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