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essie_morbide als: Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Top-3-Foto - von FelixJonathan
  • Top-3-Foto - von FelixJonathan
  • Top-3-Foto - von FelixJonathan
Von: FelixJonathan (Fotograf)

Jack Sparrow aus Fluch der Karibik

08.08.2014, 21:032014-08-08T21:03:02Z Genauer

08.08.2014, 22:04

Zuletzt aktualisiert
08.01.2015, 20:572015-01-08T20:57:56Z

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  • Top-3-Foto - von FelixJonathan
  • Top-3-Foto - von FelixJonathan
  • Top-3-Foto - von FelixJonathan
I debuted my Captain Jack Sparrow cosplay at Castlefest in the Netherlands, after three weeks of madly insane constant crafting and months of scouring the internet for the right props and fabrics. All the stress we went through paid off, it was such great fun to be Captain Jack for a whole weekend!

I must give an extra big shout to Hizsi for basically saving this project by taking on that damn wig. I bought a pretty expensive wig from a seller on Ebay, but it turned out to be very badly made, too small for even my tiny head, too thin hair, just horrible! And I could not get my money back because too much time had passed. I was about to totally give up on making this cosplay because I was so upset, but then came Hizsi and took up the challenge! Thank you so much! <3

Also, I must give so many thanks to FelixJonathan for all the amazing work you did on this costume, photography, and of course for being by my side as my gorgeous Commodore Norrington!


made by FelixJonathan, I helped with the distressing

Sword & compass
plastic toy, re-painted by me


Shitty one bought on Ebay, rescued and re-made into this glorious piece byHizsi

from Ebay. Distressed a lot. Will be replaced with proper pirate boots when I have more money.

Hat v.1
Bought spontaneously at Castlefest. Very cheap. Has been replaced. Worked to keep the sun off my face, at least!

Hat v.2
Bought at MPS Telgte. Much better!


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    Von:  Pirateking_Ruffy
    2016-02-28T10:51:34+00:00 28.02.2016 11:51
    One of the best PoC-Shooting settings and Cosplays I've seen so far. Der Aufwand ist jedes Foto wert. Du sieht absolut fantastisch aus als Captain Jack Sparrow. Ich ziehe meine Strohhut vor dir.
    Von:  Alyon
    2015-05-27T06:23:20+00:00 27.05.2015 08:23
    Amazing work! I totally love your costume. The details, the location, the photos... Everything! Hopefully I can see it in action 😄
    Von:  Frigg
    2015-05-20T00:02:39+00:00 20.05.2015 02:02
    Hei, kommst du zufällig aus der Nähe Düsseldorf? Ich würde das Cosplay nämlich echt gerne mit dir Shooten, wenn du interesse hast!

    Von:  Ezio2105
    2015-02-02T04:31:15+00:00 02.02.2015 05:31
    Echt super übersetzt... sieht echt Hammer aus...
    Von:  Kumagoro
    2015-01-13T05:06:03+00:00 13.01.2015 06:06
    Awesome cosplay! Where could you make such beautiful pictures? *-* (the location fits the cosplay perfect)
    Keep it up! you could come from the movie with this outfit!
    Antwort von:  essie_morbide
    14.01.2015 13:14
    we have travelled a lot with this costume. We've been to a few medieval markets. The sunset beach pictures with Norrington were taken in the Netherlands, the ship was also in the Netherlands, and the really sunny ones in the sea were taken on Mallorca when we went on holiday there.
    Antwort von:  Kumagoro
    14.01.2015 20:51
    Wow! That sounds beautiful! *-*
    Amazing... ^^
    Von:  Xx_LiL_xX
    2015-01-09T14:28:29+00:00 09.01.2015 15:28
    Du bist einfach nur ein geiles Stück Captain und ich bin echt verwundert das ich dich erst jetzt wirklich bewusst das erste mal gesehen habe. Und das mit diesem tolles Fotos!
    Jetzt hab ich richtig Bock die Filme mal wieder zu schauen~

    Von:  Mikiyo
    2014-11-01T12:42:53+00:00 01.11.2014 13:42
    Mega passende und schöne Fotos zu einem echt klasse gewordenen Cosplay.
    Von: abgemeldet
    2014-10-30T15:18:45+00:00 30.10.2014 16:18
    oh my fucking god *^* thats is amazing i love you style you posing your photoideas all is perfekt >///<
    Von:  Chevvy
    2014-09-15T22:31:03+00:00 16.09.2014 00:31
    super amazing cosplay. saw you at connichi and thought, wow what a wonderful good looking Captain Jack Sparrow!
    Sadly I didn't had the time to make a picture of you or a whole shoot. But you already have so many wonderful and good fitting photos for and with this well done costume. I was speechless for a moment. and the ones with you and Davy Jones are def my faves! And you did a very perfect job acting like Jack, fits totally - everything. Well done matey!
    Von:  ALLONS-Y
    2014-09-15T15:12:24+00:00 15.09.2014 17:12
    I love your cosplay it looks so great on you!!