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RitterThanyael   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 02.11.2021 10:40
Copypasta weil faul :D

Months ago I came across a board game named Flamecraft, a town-building game with lots of cute dragons. The complete game art is made by the heavenly talented Sandara and as soon as the Kickstarter campaign went live back in September I just had to get myself a copy not only of the Deluxe variant of the game but also of the Artbook <3

During the campaign a hell of a lot of stretch goal were reached and some social goals added in on the fun, one of them creating something edible with dragon art. So I did what I do best and made a cookie of this adorable bread dragon by hand cutting my special cookie dough, flooding with royal icing after it was baked and cooled and then for the very first time I used food color powder dusts to create the base colors and shades. For the outlines I used diluted gel food coloring and a very thin brush (bought some new brushes especially for really intricate patterns, yay!). The cookie of the bread dragon was about 9cm in height and 7cm in width.

I thought it'd be cute if the lil bread dragon would run his own store, so I made some croissants, rolls and bread loaves out of cookie dough and added food dust coloring for the finished look.

Take a look at the other photos, some dragon companions were also made as tiny cookies, following the same steps as the bread dragon cookie. Plus you can see a size comparison!

Original art by Sandara, cookies and photo made by me.
Abgezeichnet: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cardboardalchemy/flamecraft



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