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RitterThanyael   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 03.09.2019 17:59
Copypasta weil faul :D

End of july the GrugaLiga took place, already for the 5th time in a row! Once again I partook as NPC, leading my very own pokemon day care with lots of (stuffed) pokemon, giving out speically breeded eggs for free and selling homemade pokemon snacks to the hungry trainers passing by. As for the very first jubilee of the event I just had to create something new, and eventually I came up with luvdisc as it has a quite simple design. Thinking about how to present them I stumbled across cake pop sticks and the according stand I had stuffed deep in my boxes where all things baking related go in. So I made a first batch and tried how to get those sticks into the cookie, failing miserably when the cookies are cooled and hardened. Baking the sticks with the cookies in the oven also was a big fail as the sticks melted... only chance was to stick the cake pop sticks into the hot and soft cookies directly when they're out of the oven and then let them cool completely. No need to tell ya that I did burn my fingers not only once or twice...

BUT! It was all worth the effort. The cookies were presented (all wrapped nicely and decorated with a small bow each) like in the picture to look like a fish swarm. Alongside they had a display saying:
Fish for two luvdiscs of the swarm and share them with your dearest person. If both cookies taste the same it's a sign for eternal love and friendship.

It was so funny to see the reactions of the people and asking if the colors of the sticks or bows would indicate the taste or not :D The visitors and trainers all really liked them and the cookies sold out. I'll definitely make them again next year with improved sticks.

Oh yeah, they all were vanilla cookies refined with rose water. I tweaked my recipe which I used the past years and now the cookies taste better and the motifs don't loose that much detail anymore during the baking process. However, this only works for the vanilla cookies, the chocolate recipe needs some more tweaking.
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Von: Orion_Black
2019-09-03T18:10:09+00:00 03.09.2019 20:10
Die sehen wirklich zum anbeißen aus.^^
Antwort von:  RitterThanyael
03.09.2019 20:12
Danke :)
Von: Sephiroths_Angel
2019-09-03T17:39:18+00:00 03.09.2019 19:39
Kein Wunder, dass die ausverkauft waren. Sind aber auch niedlich. ^^