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LuKe-Productions   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 03.06.2017 19:01
Greetings everyone!
Our little ones got big, at least in size. We were thinking about new plush merchandise and came up with the idea to turn our cutie pies into comfortable pillows. They have a diameter of 33 cm +/- something. Since every piece is self-made, they vary both in size and form, so each plushie is unique. The mantle is made up from fleece, the applications from felt and the filling is normal plush-wadding. Every pillow is washable and the prototype made it through the first five months of intensive testing without any harms. As with every piece of our plushies, you can wish for the face you want and it will be sewed individually for you. 😊
They can be bought for 45 € at conventions or ordered by mail via info@luke-productions.com (+ 4 € shipping charges).
What do you think about these guys?

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