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Gate Keepers - Die Folgen (24)

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1Start the Earth Defense 
2Let's Stand Up for Peace 
3Let The Magical Music Play 
4Let's Find a New Fighter 
5Charge Towards Your Dreams! 
6Infiltrate The Female Dormitory! Indeed! 
7Shoot Down the Enemies from the Skies! 
8Find the Invader 
9Break the Pitch Dark 
10Get Over the Devil's Dream 
11Stop That Bullet Train 
12Fly to the Northern Land 
13Bring down the Two Powerful Brass (Part one) 
14Bring down the Two Powerful Brass (Part two) 
15Ruin the Arranged Marriage 
16Sally Forth Gate Robot 
17Fliying Down Your Own Road 
18Protect The Invader!? 
19Listen to the Opinion of the Youth 
20Leap into the New Year! 
21Protect the Festival of Progress and Harmony. 
22Sally Forth Gate Robot 
23Exert All Your Courage to Fight! 
24For Tomorrow's Smile