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Video: license to shoot - MyZeil 11.02.12

Von: Kite01 (MexxKite)
Datum: 10.02.2013, 21:30
Länge: 4:23 Minuten
Kategorie: Event-Impressionen
Beschreibung: Hobey Ho
well this day was simply awesome ^^
I tested my new Canon 600D at this shooting - still not perfect use, but I will give my best for future videos~
It's a "behind the scenes" video of a Cosplay shooting in MyZeil - a mall in Frankfurt/Germany
it's such a beautiful building and i hope i captured it well enough
the song is called "top of the pops 2011" from mashup-germany
special thanks to all the cosplayer and photographs seen in this video

PS: start searching for the pineapple ^^

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