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Erlance   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 12.07.2016 18:55
My winning entry for TalentHouse's creative invite on John Green's Paper Towns!

Margo is heading towards a town made from paper, colorless and crosshatched in the image. Quentin is trying to follow her trail using the clues she leaves behind. The closer the buildings get to Margo, the less defined and colorful they get, slowly fading to paper. The three floating papers guide the eye between the main focal point, Quentin, and the second, Margo. The quote "you have to get lost before you find yourself" is portrayed by making an area of Quentin's back translucent, showing the town ahead of him. Margo is the light he is heading towards, and the further she is from the town, the darker it gets, leaving Quentin to stand in the shadows.
weiblicher Charakter, Freundschaft, Gefühle

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert

Alter: Jugendliche, Liebe


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