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veteranfujoshi   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 30.03.2016 09:48
i did a meme redraw Verwendete Referenz:

Shōnen-Ai, Young Avengers

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert

Theodore "Teddy" Altman / Dorrek VIII / Hulkling, William "Billy" Kaplan / Wiccan


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Von:  Puppenspieler
2016-04-22T23:34:35+00:00 23.04.2016 01:34
This is amazing.
I love their facial expressions. Billy is just too ador(k)able.
And yes! It is definitely better than the original picture.

It would be like totally epic to see more of them! ♥
Von:  Manakeksi
2016-04-22T16:35:43+00:00 22.04.2016 18:35
I like the eyes of both of them. Especially this man on the left side looks really cool!
Von: Arcturus
2016-04-19T19:51:05+00:00 19.04.2016 21:51
I found this yesterday and I really love it!
It's way better than the original picture. I like the expressions of the both of them and the magic fingers, of course.
Oh and Billy's shirt.
It would be great to see more of them. ♥