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Azzedar   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 03.01.2016 15:12
The scene based on a rpg. Azzedar has mental problem, he has dissociative identity. So he asked Nathan, the soul-mage to help him as mission of tournament. The blonde boy helped him and they travelled into Azzedar's soul to get more informations about his evil side. The result is that they got into big trouble. Evil Azzedar was too strong and this is the scene when he is coming to slash Nathan into pieces; into the weird world of pain, sadness and death.

Inspiration during drawing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh4k1qX7_8I

Nathan Wellryal © Magier
Azzedar Ranthalion © me
Fantasie, Rollenspiele

Computer Grafik, Computer koloriert


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Von:  Isfet
2016-01-23T14:16:45+00:00 23.01.2016 15:16
Hello again xD
This one looks really great :D I totally love the expression on Azzedar's face! The scene in general is very interesting, suspense! xD
I also like the magic the mage is doing although I think there could be a bit more light on him, since it's so close to his body. There's light on the hand(?) in the front, I guess it's a body. If you consider that there's light there, then there should be more on the mage himself, as he's so close to the source.
But I'm nitpicking xD I'm really very fond of this picture :)
What I like very much is the way you paint. It's an awesome technique, not too smooth but not too rough either. The background looks amazing, as does the frozen/melted body in the front. And the spider web must have been tedious to work at xD
Antwort von:  Azzedar
24.01.2016 13:53
Hey there!

Man, that's the comment! Thank you very much for the detailed expression, it means a lot to me.
Good notices, I still need to learn how to make effective contrast, hahaha. I can agree with your opinion. :)
I try to keep the balance at technique ;)
The spider web was recreation after the mud hands XDDD
Von:  Catn0va
2016-01-03T16:27:54+00:00 03.01.2016 17:27
Ezt a képedet is nagyon szeretem! A fények és a háttér miatt, imádom a kép aljáról benyúló kezeket :D
Antwort von:  Azzedar
03.01.2016 23:51
No akkor megérte a végsőkig húzni XD