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A picture for one of my species.

For those who want to know more about my Planet Avus Kitaru and the species you can find there, you can read now a bit about my spider species. Have fun~

They are called Makaraig.
Makaraig are living in different parts of Avus Kitaru but prefer cold areas.
Those giant spider hybrids can be found in different morphological shapes. Some of them are flat, some bulky, others are hairy others not.
They belong to the "Ark' Species" which are 'natural demons' as we would call them on earth. Ark' creatures are very malicious in their entire character.
I only differ them by their "aggressivity" which makes the biggest distinction between the species. The species of the Makaraig has a different level of aggressivity,
depending on their personal living area.

The spider you can see on this picture is called "Arkadaiza Zoizangarra" [Arka-dai-za Zoi-zahng-arrah].
She is the queen of the clan Badun belongs to, one of my characters. She is one of the "more harmless" Makaraig spiders.
She leads a tribe in the tundra-like area of Saigon, the upper part of Avus Kitaru. Arkadaiza is about 800 years old and in comparison
to other Makaraig queens, she is pretty young. Well, middle aged.

The lead of a spider tribe is always the Queen. A queen isn't born as a "Queen". They have to fight their entire way up to the top of the clan.
A queen never stops growing during her life, also when she is growing pretty slow. The size of a queen gives you much information about the age of he Makaraig.
Makaraig queens fight heavy and bloody fights. Sometimes a younger one decides to take over the clan, so she has to fight the actual queen as well as her guardians.
Some people say they saw how a female Makaraig killed a queen and got killed after by the guardians, because they didn't accept her. Such male only groups are called "Lak'arn".
In some other cases the new queen killed the entire clan...The mentality of an Ark' can reach from "pretty evil to ultimate destruction' which means they completelly lose their controll.
An event like the death of the older queen can cause such mental beserk modes.

The only good thing about the Makaraig is the fact, that they don't rule the world. The most clans are hidding in giant forests, giant caves and a few where found at the beaches.
The big ones live in the cold, the toxic ones in the warm areas.

"Arkadaiza Zoizangarra"
Aggressivity: ( 3 of 5)
Intelligence: ( 4 of 5)
Mobility: ( 4 of 5)
Selfcontroll: ( 5 of 5)
Venomousness -
Age: middle age
Size: The lady wasn't so amoused when I wanted to check her size with a reference tape >_>° Never ask a lady about her size/weight

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Not for free use.
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Arkadaiza Zoizangarra


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Was für eine Spinne!
Eine fantastische Illustration.