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Rebi   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 09.12.2013 14:58
絶望を希望に変えるとき 宿命を使命に変えるとき

There’s no more turning back, you can only move ahead
You can do it, you’re the only ones who can
When you change despair to hope, when your destiny becomes your mission

Hello everybody,
i workend on this picture quite a while and it is finally finished.
i wanted to create a battle scene. well, since i am not well in drawing a "battle" i tried something like "silence before the storm".
here you see the sailor scouts in an alternative sequel after the manga ended. that needs some explanations:
we have here super eternal sailor moon (as always ;)) and eternal chibi moon.
in the background you see sailor cosmos, and now we could start the discussion if she is the alter ego of chibi chibi (you see sailor chibi chibi moon in the foreground with the Fuku-Design of *Kuakness),...well i dont know. maybe she is the future chibi chibi, maybe she is another descendant.
But we also have here Sailor Parallel Moon, the second daughter as she appeared in the manga. Hence no colored character design was ever published/couldnt find it, i searched a few Kousagi pictures in Pixiv and found one (when i find it again i`ll post the reference).
And now you see all together here, standing there for the last fight, facing the destruction ( i gonna let it open if its on the moon or earth).

hope you like it. i tried to play a little bit with the light.


Effects, Background:

Sailor Scouts:
Sailor Moon

Computer koloriert

Usagi (Bunny) Tsukino/Sailor Moon/Prinzessin Seren, Usagi "Chibiusa" Tsukino / Sailor Chibi Moon / Bla, Chibi Chibi / Sailor Chibi Chibi (Moon) / Sailor C, Kousagi Tsukino (Parallel Sailor Moon)

Parallel Sailor Moon

zu lange -.- wochen T.T


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