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fishy-blue   [Zeichner-Galerie] Upload: 25.04.2013 13:51
Ich hab eben erst bemerkt, dass ich das hier noch gar nicht hochgeladen hatte XD

Die Commission ist schon etwas älter. Es ist eine Illustration zum Buch des Auftraggebers.

“Stop! I don’t want to fight!” I shouted, but there was no point reasoning with someone swinging a metal pole. I ducked as it swished by my ear.
“I’m sure you don’t!” She didn’t back off in the least, dark hair whipping back and forth while we engaged in our frantic dance.
When the pole smacked the beam with a resounding clang, I made a break for it, hoping I could find an escape. Seconds later my left shoulder screamed as the pole struck me. I bore the pain with little more than a wince and kept running.
I dashed around a rack of costumes only to find I’d made a horrible mistake. Stacks of junk were piled neck-high at the end of the row, making a dead end. I ran until I reached the wall. Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought of a new plan yet. So I stopped to face her, back to the wall as she cornered me.
“What do you think you’re doing down here?” she demanded, hoisting her pole and poised to strike again. She knit her eyebrows so tightly that it formed a small wrinkle in the middle, and the ghostly white makeup smeared over her face made her even more intimidating. I raised my hands to block her next swing.
“I’m not doing anything!” I shouted, though even to my own ears it didn’t sound convincing.
“You’re trying to rob us!”
Thankfully she didn’t take that next swing, but I couldn’t get around her safely either.
“No, I’m not!”
“Then what’re you doing down here!”
“I’m just looking for something!”
Her pole was still raised and ready to swing, but she fell silent as she looked me over, assessing the risk. I was only about six-foot-four, short for a man, and I guessed she was an inch taller. I still had a few years to grow, though.
“What? What’re you looking for?”
I doubted she’d hesitate to swing again if I didn’t give her a good answer. So I braced myself and told her the truth.

Wer mehr darüber erfahren möchte kann das heir tun:http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://o-leander.com/

Wer an einer Auftragsarbeit interessiert ist sollte hier nachschauen ;D http://fishy-blue.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-info-Commission-Slots-are-open-347493321

Charaktere gehören mir nicht
Verwendete Referenz:

Fantasie, Boshaftigkeit, Elfen und Feen

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Von:  Zaara
2013-04-26T10:36:54+00:00 26.04.2013 12:36
Das Bild hat unheimlich viel Ausdruck und Dynamik!
Ich mag deine Liebe zum Detail =)
Von:  Oogie-Boogie
2013-04-25T13:44:23+00:00 25.04.2013 15:44
Coole Szene sage ich mal.^^

("D'aquila non nasce colomba.")

Gez. Oogie-Boogie
Von: abgemeldet
2013-04-25T13:28:49+00:00 25.04.2013 15:28
ich liebe die Colo und die ganzen Details.
Aber am besten gefällt mir glaube ich noch ihr Gesicht >w<
Dat is so hüppsch!