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EU-M 2014

Datum -
Sommercasino Basel
Münchensteinerstrasse 1
CH - 4052 Basel

Schweiz, Basel-Stadt
Kategorie Regionales (Sonstiges)
Größenordnung 250-500 Besucher
Homepage http://Eu-m.ch
Kontakt eu-m@eu-m.ch
Offizieller Veranstalter EU-M
Beschreibung When: 5th-7th September 2014
Where: Sommercasino Basel (CH) 
Sommercasino Basel
Münchensteinerstrasse 1
CH - 4052 Basel

Website: http://eu-m.ch/

What is the EU-M?

The EU-M (European Brony Meetup) was one of the largest Swiss My Little Pony meetups first held in November 2012 with over 60 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After nearly 2 years of quiet time, it was decided to organise a second EU-M, which will be much larger and more interesting than its predecessor.

The organisers are a group of 3 people:
Leyanor (Organiser of the first EU-M, 2012)
Thomas (Organiser of larger Swiss Meetups in the past years)

What is the Sommercasino?

The Sommercasino is an older building with space for up to 500 individuals. The cellar of the building will be turned into the Tresor Club (“The Vault”), with space for an additional 100 people.
The location was chosen because it has great potential to become an epic party house.

The Sommercasino is optimally situated. It is only a 10 minute walk away from Basel SBB (main train station) and is therefore perfectly reachable for pedestrians or public transport.

Program of the EU-M 2014: 

Friday, 5th September

A small warm up event will be held in The Vault, for those who turn up early or want to do something in Basel, near the EU-M 2014.


The Dark Cloud (CH)
(more coming soon)

EU-M 2014:
Saturday, 6th September

The Sommercasino,and The Vault will host the official EU-M Meetup. There will be presentations, merchants, and even special guests!

(more coming soon)


Pony Jeopardy

Special Guests:

Speedcore Dave! (UK) DJ and Producer
Elie Monty (UK) Voice Actress and Artist
(more coming soon)

EU-M 2014 (Rave):
Saturday, 6th September

In the Evening of the EU-M 2014 there will be a huge party, spread out on 2 floors.


Speedcore Dave! (UK)
The Dark Cloud (CH) 
Infected ponyz (CH)
Wonnow (CH)
Slic3skill (CH)
(more comming soon)

EU-M 2014:
Sunday, 7th September

As on Saturday, it will run, but with a different program.

General Information


There are 4 official tickets:
EU-M Full Weekend – Valid from Friday evening until Sunday morning
EU-M Ticket – Valid from Saturday morning until Sunday morning
EU-M Day Ticket – Valid for one full day
EU-M VIP Ticket – Valid from Friday until Sunday, incl. VIP pass

Day tickets can also be obtained on the spot, but there may be extra charges.

All prices are in CHF ( Swiss francs)

EU-M Full Weekend - 40.-
EU-M Ticket - 30.-
EU-M Day Ticket - 25.-
EU-M VIP Ticket - 85.-

The time for ticket booking will be announced soon enough.


Here is a list of all hotels and hostels near the EU-M 2014.

Personal recommendation: http://baselbackpack.com/


Tipp: To save money, pool your money and book rooms in groups, or look for hotels/hostels outside of Basel.

We are still looking for: 


We are looking for Vendors. If you have anything to sell, be it plushies, artwork, or other, you can contact us via e-mail:


Do you want to present something, or moderate an event? You can contact us via e-mail with your idea below. Please explain in detail what you plan to do, and provide any material necessary for review.


Can you sing? Are you a DJ? Do you have a band? Do you produce music? Sign up via the e-mail listed below, and provide any necessary information on what you do. All music styles are welcome.

General Questions:

You've got questions that weren't answered? Contact us via e-mail:
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