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PLUNKLOCK -EURO TOUR- "Justart episode 1" in München

Friedenstr. 10
81671 München
Deutschland, Bayern
Kategorie J-Music-Konzert
Größenordnung 100-250 Besucher
Homepage http://kanzenmusic.com/events.html
Offizieller Veranstalter Kanzen Music
Beschreibung PLUNKLOCK-2013-
2nd EURO tour
-EURO TOUR- "Justart episode 1"

Im Rahmen ihrer -EURO TOUR- "Justart episode 1" kommen PLUNKLOCK auch diesmal wieder nach München.

Friedenstr. 10
81671 München

Preis: 18€ (normal) / 25€ (Early bird)
Einlass: 19.00 (VIP), 19.30 (regular)
Beginn: 20.00

Aktuelle Infos auf http://kanzenmusic.com/

Early bird Tickets sind ausverkauft.
An early bird ticket grants you 30 min earlier access, signed goods and a group photo with the band.There are a limited number of 30 tickets for each country.After you make the payment your ticket is automatically booked.All you have to do is print the invoice that you receive from PayPal and come with it at the entrance. The printed invoice will grant you the admission to the club. If you buy a VIP ticket, there`s no need to buy regular ticket.Please follow our Facebook page for admission hours and any other updates.

                    Ba. Haruka          Dr. Pinky         Vo. Haro                       Gt. Seishou

PLUNKLOCK wurde im November 2010 von 4 jungen Musikern aus Japan gegründet. Trotz der verschiedenen musikalischen Hintergründe der einzelnen Mitglieder aus der Visual-Kei-Szene haben sie sich auf einen Musikstil geeinigt, der harte Rocksounds, eine stetige Melodie und als Grundbasis Pop vereinigen soll.
Offizielle Website: www.plunklock.com

JUSTart Tour Merchandise :
CDs :
1. JUSTart - 20€
2. Now or Never - 15€
3. World is Mine - 10€
4. Gradation - 15€
5. Breakout - 10€

T-shirt ( Men and Women available on black and turquoise) - 20€
Poster - 10€
Photoset ( 5 pic) -10€


1. PayPal ticket holders VIP and Regular :
a. Please don`t forget to print the receipt you received from PayPal. It`s the only source that we take into consideration at the entrance and grants you admission. If you have it on digital format (phone, tablet aso) it works also.
b. If the payment was made by other person than the attendant it`s no problem. Just show us the receipt.
c. If you bought 2,3 or more tickets and you`re not coming together please make sure that each person has a copy of the invoice.
DO NOT give the invoice to unauthorized persons. If someone else shows the invoice instead of you he/she will enter. We will take into consideration the number of payment/s each person made.
VIPs have meet and greet with the band, photo with the band and signed goods.

2. Program:
Munich : 19:00 VIP, 19:30 normal tickets, 20:00 PLUNKLOCK

3. During concert : you can make photos ( no flashlight) and movie only for the first 2 songs!
4. Signing session : there will be signing session in Russia ( all 3 cities), Helsinki, Vienna, Huddinge, Warsaw, Poznan, Prague, Munich and Roubaix. For Utrecht and Cologne hand shake.
The band will sing only official goods ( no tickets, no regular paper). No photos are allowed during signing session!
If you need photos from the concert you can ask us or freely take if from our FB page

PLUNKLOCK "Justart episode 1"

03.05 - Moscow / Russia @ Hot Dog`s Bar

04.05 - Yaroslavl / Russia @ Buffet club

05.05 - St Petersburg / Russia @ BarCode

09.05 - Helsinki / Finland @ Gloria

10.05 - Vienna / Austria @ Aera

11.05 - Huddinge / Sweden @ Huset (RenCon together with Overworld)

12.05 - Warsaw / Poland @ Klub Progresja ( Together with RoseMist )

14.05 - Poznan / Poland @ Blue Note

15.05 - Prague / Czech Republic @ MATRIX

16.05 - Munich / Germany @ Garage Deluxe

17.05 - Roubaix / France @ Bar Live 301 (Together with CALMANDO QUAL)

18.05 - Cologne / Germany @ Werkstatt (Together with CALMANDO QUAL)

19.05 - Utrecht / The Netherlands @ Spiegelbar (Together with CALMANDO QUAL)
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