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Lost in Wonderland- Party

Datum -
Grillparzer Weg 16
34346 Hann.Münden
Deutschland, Niedersachsen
Kategorie Foto-Shooting
Größenordnung 3-50 Besucher
Kontakt P3rs3phon3, JunImai
Beschreibung ~♥Lost in Wonderland ♥~ Foto Shooting

Welcome to another world of make-believe!

Play poker with the MadHatter or have a cup of tea with him and his MarchHare!
Try to beat the Queen of Hearts while playing flamingo croquet or listen to CheshireCat´s riddles!

Grillparzer Weg 16 34346 Hann.Münden

WHEN? 05.06.09 - 07.06.09
Our Party starts Friday afternoon ca. 18:00 and lasts till sunday evening (open end)!~♥

Our Photo shooting belongs to the theme "Alice in Wonderland", so please dress adequately!!

Futhermore we will watch as many DVDs as we can, eat sweets and do anything your parents don´t want you to do so you have to escape into our world!

MadHatter - P3rs3phon3
MarchHare - JunImai
Queen of Hearts - Special Guest
CheshireCat - abgemeldet

Everyone interested is invited!
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