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CutiePie and PewDiePie - 3rd Annniversary

Zeichner: KaddyHeartstar   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 17.09.2014
Neueste Seite: 19.09.2014
Leserichtung: Japanisch
Kapitel: 1
Seiten: 8
  • Seiten: 8
    Neueste Seite: 19.09.2014
    Status: Abgeschlossen

This is my gift for Marzia and Felix' 3rd Anniversary.

I know that Marzia loves the Ouran High School Host Club and therefore I made a crossover and tried to make a cute little funny story about her and her boyfriend.

I wish them a lot more years together and only the best.


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