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Queen of Nobles[+16]

Zeichner: MochiiQueen   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 27.07.2013
Neueste Seite: 19.11.2013
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Stichwörter: Romantik, Action, Mystery
Kategorie: Epos
Leserichtung: Westlich
Kapitel: 3
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The comic/manga/douji/graphic.

The Queen of Nobles is a supernatural,romance,mystery comic graphic by Deacu Simona aka Mochii-Queen. The story takes place is a mixture of loosely interpreted Dracula Legends from Transylvania(Romania) and original ideas of the authors.

The main plot line revolves arounds a 4 group of ancestors nobles vampires led by their purebloods to meet a mysterious girl who reborn and pureblood.

The tehniques.

Even I was though at very beginning,the sketches for comic were done on paper now,it's made completelly both, traditional and digital. At the moment I'm using Photoscape CS3 and Paint Sai,Wacom Intuos 5M. The canvas I'm working A4 and A3(for double scenes,landscapes,actions,fight).

The inspirations

The beginning of the comic were very dificult to find good inspirations,so that became of that I drew from various sources. From the most obvious inspiration the Legend Lord Dracula(VLAD TEPES) and myth Greek werewolves through love for the forest deep and mountains,castles gothic,city landscapes,power supernatural, to all sorts of movies animations and books, I took bits and pieces of impressions to create something of my own. An honorable mention should go to stories like : Underworld,Academy Vampire,Thorn Queen,Final Fantasy XV,Teen Wolf,Noblesse(manhwa korea),the Lord of Ring,Blade,Van Hellsing,Xena. For creating an amazing atmosphere and also to artistic output of companies like Studio Den,Square Enix,DiGa Vision for great interpretations of shapes,movements and mimic.

Queen of Nobles is one of my original stories.
The manga "Queen of Nobles" has published 3-4 November 2012 at Bucharest Nijikon,Comic Con,Otaku and I sold 287 persons Thank you for reading ^^
VOLUME 1-CHAPTER 1 -Continue- is Available.
CH 2 from volume 1. is Available.
CH 3 soon - Autumn

More about ->
Deviantart: http://mochii092.deviantart.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MochiiQueenOfficial


This manga is the first volume of story, introducing Mony Akaldema, a half-blood vampire that finds herself into a predicament, being attacked one evening.

Join her as you find out what happens and where will the quest for vengeance take her.

- Chapter 2 -
Time has passed and we find out main character unable to remember the events of the last 6 years...

What has happend and will she fing the person she's looking for ?

- Chapter 3 - COMING SOON ^_^

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