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Zeichner: MichaelAfton   -   [Dōjinshi]
Erstellt: 10.10.2010
Neueste Seite: 10.10.2010
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Kategorie: Kurzgeschichte
Leserichtung: Japanisch
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    Neueste Seite: 10.10.2010
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The story about Mifune and White*Star

One day the young Mifune,
member of an old, honored samurai-clan is attacked by some
ninja-kid. 'White-Star can't compete with the older boy,
but Mifune isn't like all the other samurai.
And this is where a forbidden friendship starts.

But soon after the two start spending their free time together,
their families start a war.
Neither WhiteStar or Mifune can do something about it and have to
face the fact that their relation will stay forbidden until the bitter end.

Years after this they coinsidently run into each other again.
Both have grown up and chosen different paths.
While Mifune wields his Katana for those who need help,
WhiteStar has spend his days in the shadows of spite and fear.
His soul is deeply wounded and
has led him to many cruel and bloody doings.

Mifune can't exept his old friend beeing a heartless murderer and tries to convince him,
but it seems to be no use.
Even though the burried feelings come up again
in a way more passionate way...
He just can't clear up WhiteStars mind.
After a hard fight they sepperate again and go along their own path again.

But fate can't let go of them
and brings the two together for a last time.
The ninja isn't himself anymore.
The darkness swallowed WhiteStar completly.
He has turned into a demon and Mifune just sees this one way
to finally free WhiteStar from the fear that had taken over him.

Afte WhiteStar is dead Mifune can't find peace for himself.
Laking a home or a destination he wanders on the earth,
helping the helpless.
Upto the day he faces a boy , looking simular to WhiteStar.
It is his son.
His son , living in the same darkness as his farther once.
But this time Mifune is able to help this boy against the darkness.
After seeing his mission beeing fullfilles he can die in peace and
meet his firend again in eternety.


Ohh ,
wie ich dieses Crappairing liebe.

Aber HEY, SO Crap ist das garnicht ,
wenn man diesen Douji sieht.
Ich werde versuchen alles so zu machen ,
dass es sich mit der Storyline von SoulEater vereinen lässt.

Für chaosmotte , die die beiden so sehr liebt wie ich~

Und Danke auch an Sterling für den Titel.
Hätte ich auch selbst drauf kommen können,
aber ich bin DOOF x'D

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